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Embracing new horizons

The YAP team of Annabelle Cauchi and Anna Vercellone (right)
YAP team Annabelle Cauchi and Anna Vercellone
By Anna Vercellone

My first day of work in the Diocesan Youth and Young Adult Apostolate is still vivid in my mind. A brief tour of the office ended up in a WYD08 diocesan committee meeting; quickly followed by a pizza with the YCS/YCW people in Granville and on into another meeting. It did not take me long to realise that I would never get bored here!

The most important meeting was with Bishop Kevin Manning when he wanted to personally welcome me and make sure that I knew that I could count on his support, which I always felt from him and from the team at the Diocesan Office.

The time has now come for me to move on. My last day will be the Youth Leadership Breakfast on Saturday 8 May as I need to move to Melbourne. The decision has not been easy and I will surely treasure the time I spent here.

I can really say that I am taking with me quite a large bag of knowledge and skills that I have gained: from big event preparations and training for youth leaders, to how many kilos of butter and onions are needed for a large BBQ; from setting the annual budget to collecting rubbish and mopping floors.

I even had the chance to improve my parking skills considerably having had to park at the office, in reverse, between two pillars; a space so small I had to fold in the side mirrors. It really has been a 360-degree experience – one which I have really enjoyed!

It is hard to leave but at the same time I am confident that all that we have achieved up to now guarantees the continuation and further growth and development in the future of the Youth Apostolate across the Diocese.

Bishop Anthony has the young people at heart and with his support the Youth Apostolate will continue to flourish.

I would like to thank, in a special way, all those I have been in touch with and worked with in the past three years. I have learned so much and I have always been inspired by your energy, enthusiasm and strong faith!

I look forward to seeing you at the Youth Breakfast on 8 May so that I can personally say goodbye. To those who cannot make it, thank you and I will keep you in my prayers and please also keep me in your prayers.

Faith Formation Night

Thursday 27 May 2010, 7.30-9pm

The Bible – an Instruction Manual

A series of 10 monthly sessions, taking us back to the fundamentals of the Catholic faith and how they relate to our private and communal prayer and worship.

Julie Kelly, the Diocesan Officer for Liturgical Formation, will conduct interactive sessions leading to a powerful prayer experience.

It’s FREE & open to all ages, especially youth & young adults. A certificate of attendance will be given at the end of the 10 months.

Diocesan Assembly Centre, (underneath the Institute for Mission), cnr Flushcombe Rd & Marion St, Blacktown.

RSVP: 20 May to Diocesan Youth Office

tel (02) 8838 3418, 

For more information contact Julie Kelly tel (02) 8838 3416

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