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By Annabelle Cauchi, Catholic Outlook, June 2010

Thank you to all who attended last month’s Diocesan Youth Leadership Breakfast. The breakfast, held on 8 May 2010, saw a large number of youth leaders and others involved in youth ministry attend the Social Justice and Child Protection Sessions held at St Patrick's Cathedral Hall, Parramatta.

Thank you to those who attended and a special thank you to the presenters: Evan Ellis, Diocesan Social Justice Co-ordinator, and to Paul Davis, Diocesan Child Protection Manager.

Evan presented on Social Justice issues on a global and local level. He highlighted the importance love plays in making change happen in the world today.

Paul expanded on Child Protection issues in Social Networking and answered many questions regarding this. (A revision of the Youth Safety Manual, which will be issued from the Diocesan Youth Office later this year.)

Both topics are very relevant in today's society and so it was important to bring them to the forefront and raise awareness about these issues.

Thank you also to St Patrick's Youth Band from Blacktown who did a marvellous job in inspiring those present with their music and songs. Well done!

It was also a wonderful opportunity to thank Anna Vercellone, who just resigned as Diocesan Youth Co-ordinator for the Diocese of Parramatta. She has done wonderful work with the youth and certainly carried on youth ministry to greater heights after World Youth Day 08!

Though she will be truly missed, we wish her all the best and God's blessings for the future!

World Youth Day: 2011 in Madrid

World Youth Day 2008, here in our own backyard was an unforgettable event where we welcomed the 'world' and together we experienced the power and love of Jesus Christ in the universality and youthfulness of the Church, in the people that participated.

With a bit more than a year to go to World Youth Day in Madrid, preparations are already in full gear and the Diocese of Parramatta invites you to join in experiencing this International event with them!

The four pilgrimage options are:  
  • The Exodus Journey: Pilgrimage to the Holy Land and World Youth Day
  • Madrid Zone: World Youth Day Direct
  • Road of Pilgrims: Pilgrimage around various spots in Spain and then World Youth Day
  • Viva Spain and Italy: World Youth Day and then following with a pilgrimage to Rome and Assisi.

Need help to go to WYD 2011?

The Diocese of Parramatta has launched the 'Planted and Built Up Youth Volunteers Program'. This will help more young people get involved in ministry within their parish, school, movement and group, while providing support in funding their pilgrimage to World Youth Day 2011.

Please contact the Diocesan Youth Office on 

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