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Catholic Mission donations up in spirit of generosity: report

Catholic Mission 2009 Annual Report Cover Art
Catholic Outlook, June 2010

Despite Australian households being buffeted by the global financial crisis of late 2008, Catholic Mission’s donors defied all expectations with their generosity to appeals in 2009, increasing the amount of funds allocated to global mission projects in 160 countries.

Catholic Mission’s 2009 Annual Report shows an increase in donations from $12.47 million in 2008 to $12.9 million in 2009. In 2009, total gross donations in the Diocese of Parramatta were $692,817.85, up from $514,724 in 2008.

The Diocese’s outstanding appeal in 2009 was $302,735.50 raised for Catholic Mission’s work with Communities.

In particular, the deep concern Australians share for the world’s vulnerable and impoverished children was underscored by increased donations to this ministry, up from $4.5 million to $4.7 million.

Elsewhere, donations to Catholic Mission’s work with missionaries, local churches and communities increased from $6.99 million to $7.13 million. These funds directly assist community-based projects in Asia, Africa, Oceania and the Americas.

One-third of donations support the work of the Church in outback Australia, particularly with Aboriginal people.

“Our prayers and thanks go out to all our donors and bequestors for their support in turning around what had been a decline in our donations in 2008,” said the National Director of Catholic Mission, Mr Martin Teulan.

“In this Year for Priests I am particularly grateful to our priests and bishops for their wonderful support. They do great work to assist our major appeal in October for World Mission Month and, as individual givers, priests are extremely generous.”

Mr Teulan said the one area of fundraising he would like to improve in 2010 is Catholic Mission’s ‘Working with Church Leaders’ program, which includes the financial support Catholic Mission International gives to the formation of 77,000 seminarians in 900 seminaries around the world.

“In a country like Vietnam there are hundreds of good men waiting to join seminaries but for a lack of support. In Uganda there are devout women who can’t become novices for the same reason. The need to form the next generation of Catholic leaders is an integral part of our mission.”

Catholic Mission’s 2009 annual report highlights:

  • Working with Communities raised $7.13 million ($6.99m in 2008)
  • Working with Children raised $4.73 million ($4.517m in 2008)
  • Working with Church Leaders raised $784,978 ($932,635 in 2008)

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