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New Director for Youth & Young Adult Apostolate

Fr Suresh Kumar MSFS and Annabelle Cauchi
Fr Suresh Kumar MSFS has joined Annabelle Cauchi in the Diocesan Youth Office. Photo: Virginia Knight.
By Fr Suresh Kumar MSFS

Bishop Anthony has appointed me as the new Director of the Diocesan Youth Office (Youth and Young Adult Apostolate), replacing Anna Vercellone who resigned recently.I am a religious belonging to the Congregation of the Missionaries of St Francis de Sales known as Fransalians.

I feel privileged to serve this Diocese, which is so dynamic, vibrant and, moreover, very young.

I was born in India, one of four children. I was converted to Christianity when I was seven-years-old. I was mischievous and full of energy doing all sorts of “naughty” things in my younger days.

But God had something different in store for me.

I treasure my priesthood very much. I personally feel that God had a special plan for me, as he does for others.

The call to priesthood came when I was thinking of becoming a police officer. So it was a big challenge for me to change my lifestyle in order to accept the will of God in my life. I could do it because of God’s grace and the prayers of my mother.

I have been an assistant priest at St Patrick’s Cathedral for a couple of years.

Youth ministry has been a special call for me since my school days. I believe that the young people are the promise of tomorrow for the Church and the world at large. In ministering to young people, I hope to be helping to create a future Church and a better world.

Our Diocese is one of the largest in Australia and very multicultural. We have young people from different background and cultures. They have so much to offer to the Church and the world. Their talents and capabilities can be used for the greater glory of God. Our Mother Church always feels proud of such wonderful young people.

World Youth Day 2008 in Sydney has been a blessing to our country and especially to the young people. Growth in spirituality and a sense of belongingness is being seen tangibly.

I am sure that the next World Youth Day, which is to be held in Madrid in 2011, will confirm the gifts and blessings that we received from Sydney.

I am looking forward to meet all the Parish Priests, parish youth groups, youth movements and youth communities to get to know them better. We need to work together with the guidance of the Holy Spirit in order to achieve our dreams of establishing the Kingdom of God.

I welcome new suggestions and ideas from anyone for the better functioning of the youth office. I seek your prayers for me so that I continue to be a simple instrument of God to bring more and more people to God.

I can be contacted on the phone (02) 8838 3419, mobile 04 8844 8844, or email:


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