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Holy Spirit will not allow Church to fail

Holy Spirit will not allow Church to fail

On Pentecost Sunday this year, more than 800 people gathered at Our Lady Queen of Peace Church, Greystanes to celebrate the great outpouring of the Holy Spirit promised by Jesus to His Church.

The occasional sermon was preached by Fr Ken Barker of the Missionaries of God's Love, affirming that the Holy Spirit would not allow the Church to fail despite the problems that the media has been publicising aggressively.

Fr Ken witnessed to the fidelity and the power of the Holy Spirit in many events in his own life and offered inspiration and encouragement to all, emphasising the following points:

Pentecost Sunday is the Holy Spirit’s day, and if ever the Church should rejoice, it is on Pentecost Sunday.

The Holy Spirit enlivens the Church, is our personal friend, brings our liturgy to life, enlightens preaching and increases our ability to hear the Word of God in a way that changes lives.

Without the Holy Spirit the Church is simply an organisation; with the Holy Spirit it is the living presence of Jesus. Although we are a broken people, the Holy Spirit makes us stewards of His grace in our time.

While the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in this century appeared to be late in coming to the Catholic Church, this great grace came in God’s time, at the close of the Council and was embraced by the hierarchy of the Church.

In 1998, Pope John Paul II urged, “open your hearts and lives to the Holy Spirit and exercise the gifts for the good of the Church” in keeping with the prophecy of Joel, “I will pour out my Spirit on all flesh. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your old men see visions and your young men dream dreams.”

Today, 40 years since the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in Duquesne Catholic University in the US, there is a new need for each of us to yield to the power of the Holy Spirit, to a moment of grace, so that we become much more dependent on God and turn to Jesus in the Church; it is His Church.

While the Church and scandal can seem to be synonymous in the media today we remain confident that the Holy Spirit will not allow the Church to fail. Whatever state of life we find ourselves in, we are called to witness to the presence of the Holy Spirit.

Re-published courtesy of ‘Voice of the Spirit’ newsletter.

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