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Seminarian SRE team members
On the SRE team are seminarians (back, from left): Larry Tolentino, John Sultana and Niño Cañete; (seated) SRE teacher Irene Galea from Grose View Public School with (from left) Red Dalogdog, Peter Kuraya, Charles Nwargou, John Watkins, Galbert Albino, Leo Napuli, and Thomas Bui.

With Paul Worthington, Confraternity of Christian Doctrine Director

Over the past two months, the Confraternity of Christian Doctrine (CCD) has been engaged in circulating the ethics trial petition in parishes, the conclusion of several accreditation courses for catechists, and involving Parramatta’s seminarians in CCD training courses, observing lessons and teaching at Glenwood High School.

The ethics trial instituted by the State Government has continued in 10 primary schools in the Sydney area. In our Diocese, Special Religious Education (SRE) teachers at South Baulkham Hills have been affected with class sizes being reduced, as have the classes of other Christian denominations and other faiths. More details about the trial will be published in a future issue of Catholic Outlook.

Seminarians' SRE training

During Terms 1 and 2, Parramatta’s seminarians participated in the Level 1 course at Holy Spirit Parish, St Clair in the company of a number of SRE teachers.

The seminarians are Nino Canete, Red Dalagdog, Thomas Hien Thien Bui, Peter Kuraya, Leo Napuli, Charles Nwaorgu, Larry Tolentino, and John Sultana.

They observed lessons at Grose View Public School and Merrylands East Primary School and have observed and taught at Glenwood High School.

My personal thanks to the SRE teachers and the parish teams who have participated and supported the seminarians in their formation as future priests for our Diocese.

The seminarians will undertake the Level 2 course next semester at St Nicholas of Myra Parish, Penrith in addition to their studies at the Catholic Institute of Sydney in Strathfield and in-house studies at the Holy Spirit Seminary at St Marys. 

The 990 SRE teachers in the Diocese both welcome you and appreciate the fact that you have a growing awareness of a major ministry within each parish setting.

I want to congratulate all the SRE teachers who do such a great job for their parishes in supporting Catholic parents whose children are in government schools.

In our Diocese, our SRE teachers go into 206 primary schools; four special education units, and 22 secondary schools where they teach 22,000 Catholic students each week.

These wonderful volunteers give up their time for class and preparation. You might take the time occasionally to shake their hand for their wonderful contribution to parish life.

Within their ranks are senior students in Catholic schools who teach in state primary schools as a part of their parish SRE teams and are a great testimony to their faith.

The term ‘hero worship’ comes to mind with the work these students do and the example they set for their peers. Students from St Dominic’s College, Penrith; Patrician Brothers’ College, Blacktown; Caroline Chisholm College, Glenmore Park; Emmaus College, Kemps Creek; Xavier College, Llandilo; St Andrew’s College John Paul II Campus, Marayong, and St Columba’s College, Springwood are part of their parish SRE teams.

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