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CCSS Indigenous parenting resource

Indigenous Persons Infant & Pre-Schooler Parenting Groups Project
Photographer: Ian Hitchcock for North Queensland Combined Women’s Service Inc

Centacare Catholic Social Services (CCSS) has launched a new resource to assist services interested in providing a facilitative group to Indigenous parents and carers affected by drug and/or alcohol, to increase their parenting and caring skills.

The Indigenous Persons Infant & Pre-Schooler Parenting Groups Project educational and support groups model has been developed to be specifically appropriate for Indigenous parents and carers living in Western Sydney.

The project responds to the experience of CCSS staff working in Western Sydney, which has found many Indigenous parents and carers lack information and support as they attempt to parent young children, especially when the parents' lives are impacted by drug and alcohol issues.

The need of these parents is heightened by the fact Indigenous people do not necessarily feel comfortable participating in support and educational programs aimed at the general community.

The project has been generously funded by the Sydney West Area Health Service as an initiative to help maintain and strengthen partnerships with ante-natal, post-natal and community health services to develop better health outcomes in the region for Indigenous parents/carers and children, adversely affected by drug and/or alcohol.

The project's resource manual (including CD) is available through CCSS for $10 (including postage), by phoning 02 9933 0222 or emailing

An online version of the manual is also accessible from the Resources section of the CCSS site at


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