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Five Sydney men commit to the Dominicans

Eduardo Fernandez, Nigel Fam and Kiran Krishna with Friar Dominic Murphy OP
From left: Eduardo Fernandez, Nigel Fam and Kiran Krishna with Friar Dominic Murphy OP.

It was with great joy that on the feast of St Peter and Paul at St James Church in Glebe two Dominican novices, Br Matthew Boland and Br James Baxter, having returned from their novitiate in Hong Kong, made their first profession of vows for three years.

Brothers James and Matthew have commenced their studies for the priesthood with the Order in Melbourne.

It was a double joy, as part of this same celebration, to see three young men, Nigel Fam, Kiran Krishna and Eduardo Fernandez, also from Sydney, clothed in the habit of the Dominican Order, a ceremony that marks the beginning of their novitiate. They have now joined another 15 novices in our common novitiate in Hong Kong.

“It has been a long time since we have had the ceremony of professions and clothing together, all five of them are fine young men. We can’t help but be grateful to God, for such a blessing,” said Fr Dom Murphy OP, Vocations Director.

“I have noticed a renewed interest in vocation to Religious life and priesthood, since WYD08 in Sydney, it bodes well for the future.” Fr Dom also commented, “The five of them are very different people, you’ll never meet two Dominicans the same I’m happy to say! They do share a generosity of spirit, a love of the Church and deep desire to share the faith with their generation and beyond.

“A common theme that drew them to the Order is living in community – common prayer, common meals and the enthusiasm for theology study, and that is part of being a Dominican friar preacher.”

For more information contact Fr Dominic Murphy OP tel 0418 245 394,

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