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Dundas Franciscans

National Vocations Awareness Week: Franciscans

The great challenge of St Francis

It’s easy to enjoy the life of St Francis of Assisi as he lived with so much love and delight in the Lord. He showed amazing charity to all men and women and to all creatures. He brought peace to people, both individually and between cities. He brought wonderful joy among the faithful, and was strong in Jesus Christ and His Church.

The great challenge is how do we do this today? We live in a very different era full of technology, full of attitudes that were unimaginable in his time.

National Vocations Awareness Week: Franciscans
It always comes to the point of the heart of St Francis’ spirit. He lived the Gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ, putting it into practice in every way, and above all with profound love for the Lord Jesus and His Church. Everything he did was for love, for example, chastity for St Francis was not a discipline of deprivation, but the truest act of love.

The Friars of St Francis live their lives in this way. They are full of happiness in serving Our Lord Jesus Christ and His Church. They lovingly serve the poor and those in need wherever they are. They powerfully proclaim the Gospel in fidelity and with a real spirit of joy.

To follow Our Lord Jesus Christ in the consecrated life opens so many unimaginable doors. The Holy Spirit takes these friars to all sorts of places and situations. They have proclaimed the Gospel in many parts of Australia and the world. As small as this community is, their spirit is ever increasing.

Dressed in the simple garb of St Francis, they are there for all to see, bringing the hope of Jesus Christ and His merciful love to young and old.

They have assisted children suffering from HIV/AIDS in Thailand, they visit the sick and imprisoned, the young, the aged and the destitute in many parts of Australia.

They love Christ and His Church, and live the spirit of St Francis here and now, contemplative and apostolic, happy in the Lord.

Is Christ calling you to live His Gospel in the Consecrated Life? Do not fear. Do not be afraid to give yourself to Him and His will. Seek the truth and be free. Commit your life to Our Lord and He will act on your behalf! The more you give, the more you will receive.

The vows we take are the key to true freedom and joy, to real love, to Christ.

The Friars of St Francis want to share their life more and more. Come and help us on our great mission in proclaiming the Gospel as Christ has commissioned all of His disciples to do.

Contact the Friars of St Francis

St Bernadette’s Church
1 Cox Crescent Dundas Valley NSW 2117
(PO Box 1215 Parramatta NSW 2124)

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