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CMP Store a devotional treasure trove

By Virginia Knight, Catholic Outlook, April 2010

Photo: Virginia Knight
Hidden away on the TAFE side of Granville in Jamieson Street is the CMP Store operated by the Missionary Sisters of Mary Queen. This treasure trove of devotional goods and religious supplies makes maximum use of its limited space, carrying a vast range of items guaranteed to fill the wish list of even the most specific shopper.

With everything from holy cards and medallions to priest’s shirts and vestments arranged in easy-to-find sections, one could spend hours browsing, peering into display cases, or fossicking through shelves and bookcases.

The product range caters for all occasions and sacraments and includes: crucifixes, rosary beads, books for adults and children, cards, candles, essential oils, incense, charcoal, CDs, DVDs, plaques, and statuary of all shapes, sizes and configurations.

The store stocks supplies for altar tables, including hosts from the US, Italy and Australia, and altar wine. The store also carries the Vatican Library Collection of medallions.

CMP Store exports to Fiji, Samoa, the Philippines, Lebanon and New Zealand and sells wholesale to piety stalls. And while you won’t find it advertised anywhere, and the sisters are just a bit too busy to launch into internet sales, it is open to the public and if they do not have it in stock you can order from their catalogues. They also sell bulk supplies for special occasions such as candles for wedding table decorations.  

CMP Store is located at 31 Jamieson Street, Granville, NSW, 2142, tel (02) 9682 1581. It is open Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 9.30am–4.30pm; Saturday 10am–4.30pm; closed on Tuesday and Sunday.    

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