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Campion medalists aim for different careers

Catholic Outlook, April 2010

Laura and Ivy are dual recipients of the Campion Medal
In an extraordinary circumstance, the Campion Medal, awarded to the top academic performer at Campion College, was been awarded jointly to graduates Laura Meli and Ivy del Rosario.

Presented at the first graduation held on the grounds of Campion College in December, Laura and Ivy shared the award after achieving identical exemplary scores throughout their Campion careers.

Equally noteworthy, however, was the fact although they studied for the same degree and completed virtually the same subjects, they are headed for entirely different careers.

Ivy, who comes from Melbourne, has been the recipient of a Melbourne Catholic Education Office scholarship and has now moved on to study a Masters in Education at the University of Sydney. She will then return to Melbourne to teach in Catholic schools.

Ivy decided on being a teacher mid-way through her Bachelor of Arts at Campion. She has also met her future husband who is also studying teaching at Charles Sturt University.

Laura, who is originally from Canberra, is currently at the University of Melbourne completing postgraduate studies in International Relations. Laura spent a year of her study at Campion on an exchange to the Benedictine College in the US.

Laura noticed Benedictine’s similarities with Campion. She pointed out a number of things both colleges have in common, including small class sizes, and a personalised experience.

Laura recommends exchange to fellow students and believes it is certainly worth doing. ‘You learn a lot from the experience. It’s more than just academic study that you get to experience. It’s a confidence boost, and you grow in your independence, not to mention the connections and friendships you make.”

Perhaps her international experience has led her to take up International Studies as a career.

“While the Liberal Arts education has challenged me intellectually, the experience of being at Campion has also helped form me socially and spiritually,” she said. “I have met, been taught by, and learned from some of the most genuine and interesting people I have ever encountered in my life.”

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