Holy Spirit Seminary

About Us

In general the formation of a Catholic priest takes seven years. This may seem like a long time but it goes by quite quickly. It is true that there is much to learn in theology, philosophy and associated subjects. Just as important is the development which goes on within the individual to help in personal and spiritual maturity. This is a slow but very rewarding process. The seminarians here are given every support  in this journey of personal transformation.

It is a shared endeavour and the seminarians can count on one another for help in this work. Hence the emphasis we have on brotherhood. We take as our model the group of disciples gathered around Jesus to learn from him the gracious plan of the Father for the world. In learning to be more like Christ, the seminarian as disciple is preparing to become an apostle to live out that mission as a priest to gather together and care for the flock of Christ.


With this time in seminary and the close living which is experienced, the seminarians make close friendships with one another which continue after ordination as a continuing support throughout Priesthood.

The person of Jesus Christ is the sole focus of our lives together. Everything  we do comes from this essential foundation. As seminarians come to recognise more deeply that Christ is the unifying principle of our lives as individuals and our common life together, they devote themselves more wholeheartedly in the shared brotherhood of disciples all sharing the one vision.