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The DDF: an investment in good faith and a sound future

Welcome to the Diocesan Development Fund Parramatta (DDF). Established in 1989, the DDF provides a source of finance and credit for capital expenditure in the works of the Church and provides funds for welfare and pastoral programs in the Catholic Diocese of Parramatta.

The DDF's role extends through that of loans provider to one of financial support of the diocesan mission. This essential objective is realised by the invaluable contribution made by investors. When you invest money in the DDF you’ll receive a return on your investment, at the same time, however, a small fraction of that income goes to help the Bishop run community programs in your parish and throughout the Parramatta Diocese.

This spiritual and humanitarian dividend makes the DDF unique. While the financial impact on investors is hardly noticeable, an investment in the DDF helps make a real difference to the pastoral and liturgical work of the Church. You have the security of knowing not only that your money is well invested, but that it’s doing some good as well.

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Diocesan Development Fund

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