Diocesan Development Fund

What is the DDF?

 The DDF was established in 1989 to:

  • Provide a source of finance and credit for capital expenditure in the works of the Church: and to
  • Provide funds for welfare and pastoral programs in the Diocese of Parramatta.

We adhere to these ideals by providing financial services to catholic organisations in the Diocese at a level and a value that is not generally available in the commercial world. We base our service on personal and individual attention and knowledge of our customers needs.

Since 1989 the DDF has provided over $320 million in loans to finance facilities for worship, education and other needs of the Church. In addition surpluses totaling $78 million have been provided to the Bishop to finance essential pastoral programs within our Diocese.

All involved share the benefits of the Fund’s operation. For every dollar earned from its loans and investments: (Year ended 30 June 2014) 

  • 54.31 cents was paid in interest to our investors
  • 31.39 cents was distributed to the Diocese
  • 06.81 cents was used to meet operating costs
  • 07.49 cents was placed in Reserves

We are committed to providing all services free of fees and charges. Products available to meet the needs of:

Parishes, Schools & Catholic Organisations

  • Cheque accounts
  • Savings, Cash Management & Investment accounts
  • Payment options for planned giving and school fees
  • Loans
  • CDF Online Internet access

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