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Video News: Bishop Anthony and Rabbi Lawrence ‘What is Right?’ discussion


From Catholic Communications, Sydney Archdiocese

More than 70 Christians and Jews gathered at Sydney’s Great Synagogue on Thursday 29 May to farewell Rabbi Jeremy Lawrence, Senior Rabbi at the Great Synagogue, a passionate advocate of interfaith dialogue and a great friend of the Catholic community in Australia. After nine years in Sydney, Rabbi Lawrence will return to London later this year to take up the corresponding position at the Finchley United (Kinloss) Synagogue in London.

Joining the interfaith community for this farewell event was the Bishop of Parramatta, Most Rev Bishop Anthony Fisher OP, who was invited by the NSW Council for Christians and Jews to take part in a public discussion with Rabbi Lawrence on the topic ‘What is Right?’

Bishop Anthony expressed his deep gratitude to Rabbi Lawrence for his friendship with the Catholic community over the years and for his achievements as Senior Rabbi in Sydney.

Rabbi Lawrence returned his gratitude, stating that Bishop Anthony’s dedication to work closely with the Jewish Community during World Youth Day 2008, as well as in the years following, has allowed the Christians and Jewish people in Sydney to understand each other in a way “that my grandparents and great-grandparents could never imagine”.

‘What is Right?’ News Story
Photography: Alfred Boudib

During their public discussion, the two faith leaders unpacked some of the big issues that face Australian society today, contemplating the role that religion has to play in determining right and wrong in a secular society.

Both Rabbi Lawrence and Bishop Anthony agreed that without religion, the question of ‘what is right’ can be muddied by the increasing influence of relativism and the reluctance of society to identify absolute truths.

No civilisation will work, no community will hold, if you don’t believe that there is a good, there is a true, there is a right and wrong engraved on the human heart, and everyone, including those a bit different to you, share with you the image of God,” Bishop Anthony explained.

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