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Ride to Worship Week: a new spin on recycling


Ride to Worship Week News Story
People of all religions are encouraged to leave the car at home and cycle to their faith-based activities during Ride to Worship Week, from 9-15 October 2010.

Ride to Worship Week is an initiative of multi-faith network the Australian Religious Response to Climate Change (ARRCC). ARRCC President Thea Ormerod said the inaugural event is an opportunity for religious communities to reduce their carbon footprint and promote the benefits of regular exercise.

“All religions agree that we have a responsibility to care for the earth. Just think of the difference Australia’s faith communities could make if everyone committed to cycling to their worship activities instead of driving,” Thea said.

“By committing to cycling or walking to worship next week, you can help slow global warming and improve your physical and mental health. You reduce the risk of life threatening illnesses including heart disease, obesity and diabetes.”

Thea encouraged religious communities to ride or walk all or part of the way to their faith-based activities during Ride to Worship Week.

“If you live too far away, you could use public transport,” Thea said.

“If you have to drive, why not leave the car at least a kilometre or two from your destination and cycle or walk the remaining distance, or share a lift with a friend.”

ARRCC is a multi-faith network committed to taking action on climate change, sharing a common concern for our world, and standing together to work for an ecologically and sustainable future.

Next week ARRCC will partner with six churches and a synagogue in Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra to pilot Ride to Worship Week. Faith communities around Australia are also encouraged to get involved.

Ride to Worship Week also coincides with the International Day of Climate Action this Sunday 10 October. On the day, local communities will have the opportunity to contribute to a photo petition demonstrating that they are taking action on climate change, and calling for bold leadership.

For information and resources for participating in Ride to Worship Week, visit

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