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Pakistan’s highest civilian award given to Columban Fr Robert McCulloch


Australian born, Columban Fr Robert McCulloch has been awarded the Sitara-e-Quaid-e-Azam - Pakistan’s highest civilian award for foreign nationals - for "services to health, education and inter-faith relations".

Fr McCulloch has devoted more than 30 years of mission of Pakistan with St Columbans Mission Society, an international missionary Society that crosses boundaries of culture and religion.

Fr McCulloch is Chairman of the Saint Elizabeth Hospital’s Administrative Council which provides medical services to the people of Hyderabad and rural parts of Sindh. He also runs a medical outreach program in rural Sindh.

Fr McCulloch set up the first home-based Palliative Care unit in Pakistan which provides care for cancer patients who are terminally ill. In 2007, he initiated projects to provide educational, spiritual, moral and personal formation for 150 Catholic boys and young men in Hyderabad.

His other major contribution includes taking steps to preserve language of Tharparker, 'Parkari Kohli'. He engaged experts around the world and worked on a script to turn this language into a written language.

During the floods of 2011, Fr McCulloch arranged to provide food and medical treatment to more than 1,000 families in Southern Pakistan and is building accommodation for the flood victims.

Fr McCulloch now resides in Rome after taking up an appointment as the Procurator General for St Columbans Mission Society in late 2011.

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