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The NSW Ecumenical Council, in partnership with five faith based community organisations working for peace and justice, will celebrate the achievements of the Decade to Overcome Violence on Friday 24 September at 'Other Ways - Growing Alternatives to Violence'.

The purpose of the event is to highlight the work that is being done by many organisations and individuals who are working for peace, and overcoming all forms of violence.

According to the event's organising committee convener Doug Hewitt, this is achieved in many ways, including teaching non-violent resolution of conflict, building community through interfaith dialogue, developing skills in ecological understanding and a less destructive relationship with the earth, as well as encouraging positive relationships between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Australia.

“Peaceful resolution of conflicts and building harmony between community groups does not always get the attention it deserves in our community, as violence and aggression seem to be the dominant story of our times,” Doug said. “The individuals and organisations that are participating in this event have powerful stories to share from experiences in the last ten years about building a more peaceful world.”

Doug said many participants will offer interpersonal perspectives of bringing together groups from different faiths as well as re-building nations, such as in East Timor.

“Others' stories are very personal, like US-based Azim Khamisa, who models reconciliation in Achieving Peace through Forgiveness, founded after his son was killed while delivering pizzas more than 10 years ago,” Doug said.

“Since then he has been on a continuous speaking tour, together with the grandfather of the boy who shot his son. They teach young men particularly about learning to forgive, rather than responding violently with weapons.”

Partners for the event with the NSW Ecumenical Council are Pax Christi, Edmund Rice Network, Pace e Bene, the Columban Mission Institute, and the Franciscan Friars.

All people interested in working towards a more peaceful world are welcome to attend.

Other Ways - Growing Alternatives to Violence Event Details

Friday 24 September, 1pm-9pm (Dinner 6.30pm)

Santa Sabina College Hall, Strathfield

Keynote speakers
Claudette Werleigh, secretary general of Pax Christi. Former Prime Minister of Haiti, now based in Brussels.

Sister Susan Connelly, from the Mary MacKillop East Timor Mission - North Sydney.

Azim Khamisa, founder and teacher of “Achieving Peace through Forgiveness” USA.

$50 (including dinner)

Registrations for $50 to Gill Burrows on 02 9922 2927, or email

For further information contact Doug Hewitt on 0431 935 097, or email

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