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Level One Training Course

The Level One Training Course is designed for newly appointed Catechists/SREs and Assistants who are required to complete the training course during their first year of teaching. The course also caters for Catechists/SREs and Assistants who are currently teaching but haven’t attended a training course for more than five years.

Providing you with an introduction to the ministry being undertaken in the state schools, this course prepares Catechists/SREs and Assistants with:

  • Basic teaching skills
  • Insight into how children learn
  • An introduction to the Bible
  • An understanding of the context of the legislation under which the CCD operates in state schools
  • Spiritual nourishment

This course is 28 hours in duration run over 14 sessions and is offered in three formats:

  • A seven-day course over two weeks (9.30am-2.30pm, two sessions a day)
  • A seven-day course over seven weeks (9.30am-2.30pm, two sessions a day)
  • An evening course over 14 weeks (7pm-9.15pm, one session a night)
  • An Reconnection day/evening is held approximately 4 weeks after session 14.  This session is used to revisit and consolidate the learning's of the course.

Details of Level One training courses can be obtained from the co-ordinator in your local parish. Times and dates can also be found in our Training Schedule for this year.

To receive your Level One Certificate, all sessions must be completed. Any missed sessions can be made up at other Level One courses across the year at various venues where they are offered.Another component of the Level One Training course is to complete a Lesson Observation Task.

In this task, you will be asked to observe a suitably qualified Catechist/SRE in their classroom and to complete a questionnaire on what they see as best teaching practice. In Session 14, a DVD – the ‘LOT’ – is shown to assist you in carrying out this task.You are presented with your certificate at your local parish at the completion of the Level One Accreditation Course.   

Please see below for an outline of the Level One Training Course.

Course outline
course outline

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