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Top Tips for Teachers

Looking for a little help in teaching the Good News in the classroom?  Maybe our ‘Top tips for teachers list’ can be of assistance! This list is updated regularly, so please check back here from time to time when you’re seeking inspiration.

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Four teaching points to help you have a successful Lesson

1. Planning is the key to good lessons; make your lessons interesting by making them visual. Use pictures and storybooks this keep the children’s attention.

2. Use a quick craft activity to show the aim of the lesson, children enjoy the activity and can take something home to remember the aim of the lesson.

3. A quick way of finding out what your class thinks is to have a class vote. Ask the children to raise their hands. Choosing activities helps the children to feel involved.

4. When you need to use a loud voice to be heard, be sure to lower it again as soon as you have the class attention. Being firm and in control helps keep the children on track. 

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