Confraternity of Christian Doctrine

Teaching resources overview

The Bishop of Parramatta has authorised ‘Christ our Light and Life’ as the approved primary curriculum to be taught across the diocese.

Resources available from CCD Sydney on 02 9390 5122 inlclude:

  • ‘Christ our Light and Life’ Teaching Manuals and Student Activity Books
  • ‘To Know Worship and Love’ student text books
  • The Big Books series attached to the Kindergarten to Year Two program

Visit CCD Sydney

Resources available from the CCD Parramatta Diocesan Office

The CCD Office in Parramatta has a growing number of resources which are available to be borrowed for a two week loan basis. These include the Big Books that support the ‘Christ our Light and Life’ curriculum, posters and a great range of music for use in the classroom. Please contact Maree Collis at the CCD Parramatta Office on 02 9890 4731 to arrange a time to call in and see the range of resources which will support you in the classroom and in your personal faith journey.

Resources available on-line


Resources available on-line for borrowing from the CCD include:


  • CDD DVDs/Videos
  • CDD CDs
  • CDD Books
  • CCD Posters/Overhead
  • Classroom Ideas
  • (please contact your Regional Co-ordinator for your password and username to access this fantastic resource)

A full list of the resources available through the CCD can be seen here.

Resources available at your Parish Level

All parishes receive support materials for the ‘Christ our Light and Life’ program. These resources have been developed by Br Julian Quinlan mfs and cover lessons from Kindergarten to Year 6.

The Catholic school in your parish is a major source of resources. Approaches have been made to all our Catholic Schools asking for their support for the work of SRE teachers in the State Schools. Please ask your Parish Co-ordinator for details of borrowing arrangements.Each parish holds a copy of the resource ‘Assemblies for Christmas, Easter and Education’.  


Ask a mentor on-line

If you are a Catechist with the Catholic Diocese of Parramatta and have a query about teaching technique, you can ask our on-line mentor for help. For more, see here.

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