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Tapped on the shoulder by a stranger.

Fred Keuneman                                                                  
Fred Keuneman
Fred Keuneman
Special Religious Education Teacher


‘I had just attended the 6 p.m. Mass on a cold winter’s day somewhere in June, when  I was approached by a stranger who tapped me on my shoulder. They spoke briefly about me teaching a Scripture class to which I was totally taken aback at that time, I needed to think about it overnight.

I  felt quite overwhelmed and humbled by the offer,  to be requested to do something in my life for our children.

Confident I could step up to the plate and do it for our local community, I joined up the next day and believe me it certainly has changed my entire outlook of life. Something I never ever thought about during my working life through all those years. I now spend most of my time assisting others in the parish.

I conclude by specially mentioning that although I knew my faith, it was a bit wayward for quite awhile and firmly believe that it was a calling from God and strength from the Holy Spirit to support me everyday of my life.  Thank you."


Our Catechists come from all walks of life for example parents, grandparents, self employed people, retirees, university students and senior secondary students.

We invite you to prayerfully consider joining this ministry.

To find out more, you can download this CCD Become a Catechist brochure brochure, or do not hesitate to contact us directly for more information.

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Snapshot of a Catechist/SRE

In many ways, the true benefits of becoming a Catechist/SRE can only be heard in the words people who are already involved in spreading the Good News in our schools. Below is a selection of insights of some of our wonderful Catechists/SREs.

A few words from our Catechists and SREs
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Catherine - 5 years as an SRE

Maureen - 31 years as an SRE

Josephine - 25 years as an SRE

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