Confraternity of Christian Doctrine

The role of the CCD Parramatta to the Diocese and Parishes


The Confraternity of Christian Doctrine (CCD) is a worldwide organisation designed to further the religious education of children. It was established in Rome in 1552 by Pope Pius IV and throughout the world by Pope Pius X in 1905. In 1958, Cardinal Gilroy linked the many organisations conducting catechetical work within a central diocesan Confraternity of Christian Doctrine in the Archdiocese of Sydney. Following the establishment of the Diocese of Parramatta, a Diocesan CCD was established by the then-Bishop of Parramatta, Bishop Bede Heather, on 15 June 1987.The Confraternity of Christian Doctrine exists for the religious education and faith formation of Catholic students in Government and Special Schools through the training and support of Catechists – or Special Religious Education Teachers (‘SREs’).The CCD is accountable to the Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Parramatta.

Aims & Objectives

The CCD of the Catholic Diocese of Parramatta is a service ministry to parishes. It undertakes to provide service and support to parishes by:

  • Providing Parish Co-ordinators and Teams with appropriate leadership and management skills
  • Conducting accreditation courses, inservice opportunities, personal support and ongoing formation to Catechists/SREs
  • Facilitating the development of skills in Religious Education, Theology, Co-ordination, Leadership, Training and Pastoral Care
  • Providing advice on the approved curricula and a communication network

Catholic Diocese of Parramatta CCD Advisory Board

  • Chairperson: Fr Ian McGinnity - Parish Priest, North Rocks Parish
  • Secretary: Mrs Maree Collis - Administration & Payroll Manager, CCD Parramatta
  • Rev Chris de Souza, EV Education & Formation Diocese of Parramatta
  • Rev Christopher Antwi-Boasiako, Administrator, Glenmore Park Parish
  • Mr Phil Margerison - Evangelisation and Religious Education, CEO Parramatta
  • Mrs Coral Peters - State School Teacher and SRE Coordinator
  • Mrs Julie Daly - Parish Coordinator of SRE, Lalor Park Parish
  • Mrs Cecilia Zammit - Director CCD Parramatta
The purpose of the Advisory Board is to provide advice to the Director on the following matters:
  • Long-term and annual planning including the annual budget
  • Provision of new services and deletion of existing services
  • Curricula
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of the organisation