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What’s a life for? Weekends

Catholic Outlook August 2011 Vocations Feature Missionaries of the Sacred Heart
Fr Chris McFee MSC.
Apart from being a Novice Director for the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart [MSC], another ministry I love and have been involved with, has been to help young men discern their vocation.

Each year in October, or when a young man connects with us and needs and wants some time out to reflect and to discern his vocation, we run what I call “What’s a life for? Weekend.”

Since 2006 we have had through this process, 70+ men discerning their vocation. Some of these young men are still in contact with us, coming back here and being welcomed into our MSC community.

While others have discerned their direction and have joined diocesan priesthood and others religious orders, more to the point, a number have entered into marriage [a number of weddings to attend!] and for some their choice has been to remain single.

Journeying with these young men has been a wonderful gift for me to hear and to listen to their desire for God; their energy for life; their commitment to others and community, and of their mission to bring the Gospel alive in our present time. It also says to me that God has not given up on us – especially Religious life or the Church – but maybe some of us are giving up on God.

I am more convinced today than ever, that there are young men trying to discern where God is drawing them, but are not being given the opportunity to test and work through where this might be leading them.

My challenge to all of us, to you, is are we welcoming enough to send a young man, to tap someone on the shoulder, or maybe just to stay still long enough to hear the stirrings in your own heart, to come to St Mary’s Towers to discern where God is and where life’s commitment may lead … as we say, “what’s a life for?”

If you would like more information about MSC discernment weekends, you are welcome to contact me: Chris McPhee MSC, tel (02) 4630 0217.