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Praying, serving and giving

How often do we stop to count our blessings?

As we reflect on our lives we have so much given to us. We may be caring, smart or musically inclined, blessed with a trade, or skill.

Do we take time to be grateful to our loving God for these gifts? How often do we put these talents into doing good works or perhaps volunteering?

All of us have been given the gift of time. How much of it do we spend in prayer, or in the service of others?

Our talents and our time bring us ‘treasure’ in the form of income. How much of it do we share with our Parish, a charity or other good causes?

In the Diocese of Parramatta, the new Our Parish Stewardship Program helps parishes to bring out the best aspects of our ‘Prayer, Serving and Giving’. Beginning with a parish census and spanning over about 8 weeks, parishioners are invited to gather and reflect on past achievements and the future hopes for parish development. It is in this context that parishioners will be encouraged to consider being generous in their financial contributions.

The Our Parish Stewardship Program which is tailored to suit both large and small Parishes will enhance parish life for all members of their local church community. It recognises and gives thanks for the generous support of all those parishioners who pray and give of their time, their skills and their treasure during the year.

Parishes who would like more information on the new Our Parish Stewardship Program are invited to contact the Parish Support and Fundraising Coordinator.

Parish Development and Fundraising Coordinator

Cecilia Zammit
Ph: 02 9838 3431
McGovern House Parramatta