German Community Chaplaincy

Migrant Communities


Pastoral ministry for first generation migrants, temporary residents, visiting students and tourist, preserving customs, traditions and values while promoting the full integration of multicultural Australian society. Pastoral care, formation programs and administration of the sacraments in the native language are provided.

134 Reservoir Road Blacktown NSW 2148
PO Box 1058 Blacktown NSW 2148

Rector - Rev Roland Maurer

02 9622 0631
02 9716 9021

02 9676 3959
02 9799 4897



Catholic Diocese of Parramatta

Church Name(s)/Mass Centre(s):
St Hedwig's Chapel Blacktown, St Raphael's Centre Blacktown

Special Masses, Fundraising, Social and Study information:
Choir (Friday 7.30pm); Corpus Christi: Mass & procession; Ephiphany; Star Boy's Singing Procession, 'Fruhlingsfest-Patrozinium' of St Hedwig (Sunday mid-October); Seniors Activities/Groups; St Hedwig Village Complex; 'Tag de Heimat-Patrozinium' (4th Sunday September)

Weekday Mass Times:
Tuesday: 4pm (St Hedwig's)
Wednesday: 1st Wednesday 10am (St Raphael's)
Thursday: 11am (St Hedwig's)

Sunday Mass Times:
11am (St Raphael's)

Reconciliation Times:
By appointment

Parishes/Community details:
German Community Chaplaincy

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