Polish Community Chaplaincy

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Pastoral ministry for first generation migrants, temporary residents, visiting students and tourist, preserving customs, traditions and values while promoting the full integration of multicultural Australian society. Pastoral care, formation programs and administration of the sacraments in the native language are provided.

Polish War Memorial Chapel - 116-132 Quakers Road Marayong NSW 2148

Rector - Rev Henryk Zasiura SChr
Assistant - Rev Maksymilian Szura SChr

02 9626 7268

02 9626 7268


Catholic Diocese of Parramatta

Church Name(s)/Mass Centre(s):
Holy Family Nursing Home Chapel Marayong, Polish War Memorial Chapel Marayong, St Joseph's Church Kingswood

Special Masses, Fundraising, Social and Study information:
Community/Social Activities/Groups; Holy Family Complex (Aged Care Services); John Pail II Hall; Library; Rosary & Adoration of Holy Sacrament (Thursday & Sunday)

Weekday Mass Times:
Monday: 7.30am (PWMC Marayong)
Tuesday: 7.30am (PWMC Marayong)
Wednesday: 7.30am (PWMC Marayong)
Thursday: 7.30am (PWMC Marayong)
Friday: 7.30am (Polish War Memorial Chapel, Marayong)

Other Weekday Mass Times:
Holy Days of Obligation 7.30am, 10am & 6.30pm (PWMC Marayong)

Saturday Mass Times:
7.30am (PWMC Marayong); 10.45am (HFNHC Marayong); 4pm (Kingswood)

Sunday Mass Times:
9am (PWMC Marayong) 11am (PWMC Marayong) 6.30pm (PWMC Marayong)

Reconciliation Times:
Before Mass and by appointment

Parishes/Community details:
Polish Community Chaplaincy

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