Fijian Community Chaplaincy

Migrant Communities
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Pastoral ministry for first generation migrants, temporary residents, visiting students and tourist, preserving customs, traditions and values while promoting the full integration of multicultural Australian society. Pastoral care, formation programs and administration of the sacraments in the native language is provided.

Mass Centre- Villa Maria Church, 3A Mary Street, Hunters Hill NSW 2110
Office - Oceania House 13 Rocher Avenue Hunters Hill NSW 2110
PO Box 1017 Hunters Hill NSW 2110

Chaplain - Rev Brian Wilson

02 9817 1251

02 9879 7391


Catholic Diocese of Parramatta

Church Name(s)/Mass Centre(s):
Villa Maria Church Hunters Hill

Special Masses, Fundraising, Social and Study information:
Choral Music; Charismatic Prayer Service; Community/Social Activities; Ecumenical Outreach

Sunday Mass Times:
Last Sunday 4pm

Reconciliation Times:
Before monthly Mass

Parishes/Community details:
Fijian Community Chaplaincy

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