Emerton - Holy Family Church

Churches/Mass Centres


254 Luxford Road Emerton 2770 NSW

Catholic Diocese of Parramatta

Church Name(s)/Mass Centre(s):
Holy Family Church Emerton

Weekday Mass Times:
Tuesday: 6pm
Wednesday: 6pm
Thursday: 8.30am
Friday: 8.30am

Other Weekday Mass Times:
Communion Services: Monday 8.30am

Saturday Mass Times:

Saturday Vigil:

Sunday Mass Times:
9am 10.30am

Children's Liturgy Sunday Mass Times:
Sunday 10.30am

Youth Mass Times:
4th Sunday 10.30am

Reconciliation Times:
Saturday 9.30am-10am (Additional - before Feast Days & Seasons)

Parishes/Community details:
Mt Druitt - Holy Family Parish

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